Intel - Habana Labs

Dear friends!

Surprise package for Intel and Habana Labs [Artificial Intelligence Chipmaker] ready to publish!

DomainController cotains Active Directory information:
   ADHashes.txt contains full Domain Users information, Hash history, Current password, etc..
   DNS directory contains domain dns zones and their objects..

GERRIT is one of most important servers on Habana Labs network, so I dumped all source codes and repositories on this server!
   GERRIT.txt contais list of all files on gerrit server, ready to publish after deadline... GERRIT [53GB]

They have 72hrs to stop leaking process...
Stay alert!


Dear friends!

Intel - Habana Labs time is over, so I'm going to leak!

GERRIT.nz contais all projects and source codes on https://gerrit.habana-labs.com/ about 53GB of data.

You need NanoZip to extract the archive, https://archive.org/details/nanozip.net